Summer Update

Hello friends!

It makes me sad to announce that I mysteriously lost my entire website.  Yes, all of my magical blog posts and bright sparkling photographs that were posted on over the last four years drifted up into the clouds and vanished forever.  I've had a few weeks to process the loss and feel it's time to move onwards and not dwell on the missing work. So here I go...

I have an update. 

Every day I am presented with the question, "Where can we buy your books?"  And my answer has always been, "You can't." 

Well, this will no longer be the case.  

As many of you know I am the mama of a magical (and very high energy and sleepless) infant.  I also work as a children's writer and storyteller in the Portland, OR area.  This leaves me very little time to do much of anything else, so I have decided to publish my own fully illustrated enchanted forest stories.

Yes, it is time for the Squatchie and all of the other creatures living in Emmy's Enchanted Forest to spread bright and happy magic all over the world!  

The first two books to be published are titled Who is the Squatchie? and The Snoozlers and the Wahooligans due February 2014!

Please stay tuned! I will be fixing up the website so that it is just as functional as it was before all of the material was lost and I will be posting updates as well as new performance dates this summer!

As always, thank you so much for your support. You mean so much to me! 

Xx Emmy