A lovely love activity

Hello friends!

It is hustle and bustle season at the enchanted treehouse! One of the things that I do when it's this busy is take a break from the internet.  (You can read why in this older post.)  But alas! I am back just in time for Saint Valentine's week!

Why do I love love love a week devoted to love? It's no secret that love makes us shine and feel magical! And when we shine and feel magical, we can be massively creative and productive! We know no limits under the influence of love!

So let's start Saint Valentine's week off with a fun gratitude activity! No matter what situation we are currently experiencing, it is critical to take the time to see the love surrounding us!

1.) Make a list of EVERYONE you love! (I'm not just talking about smooshy love, but ALL love!) For instance, perhaps you love your mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, neighbor, best friend, girl/boyfriend, doctor, teacher, librarian, soccer coach, pen pal, cat, dog, gecko, or even the nutria living in your backyard. Write every single name down (preferably in some rainbow colored crayons).

 2.) Make a list of EVERYTHING you love. Maybe you love riding your bicycle, playing baseball, munching on your granny's baked eggplant, receiving notes and surprises in the post, or doodling in the middle of the night with that secret stash of markers you hide under the mattress. Write it all down.

Now look at all of the love you have in your life and celebrate! You don't have to throw a huge party for yourself, but take a moment to really feel the love surrounding you!

The next time you need a boost of energy, spend time with someone or something on your lists. I guarantee that love will magically transform your state-of-mind!

Stay tuned for another lovely love blog this week! And remember that I love you! Xx