A magical interview with Petrene Soames!

Today I have a very magical surprise! I am posting my interview with superstar visionary Petrene Soames!!

Petrene is not only the brightest, happiest and most intelligent person I know, but she uses her unique and, not to mention, internationally recognized skill set to help people attain their brightest and happiest selves! (I can attest to this because I've experienced Petrene's talents first hand-- yes, even Emmy Blue needed help unleashing her inner bright and happy magic, you know.)

Just take a look! She's a star burst of bright and happy magic, right?! Rainbow hair! A glowing smile! WOW! How inspiring!


And here is my favorite photo of Petrene with her beautiful and magical rescue horse, Sky Blue. Yes, you read that correctly, Sky BLUE(By the way, Petrene also uses her amazing abilities to heal and rescue abused and neglected animals.) 


If you are unfamiliar with Petrene's work, her award-winning books and methods are used all around the world. She has developed her own unique techniques designed to clear away and heal from any blocks that prevent us from being who we truly are and to unlock our true potential. Her gentle and simple tools and exercises have guided thousands to lead happier lives. And what makes Petrene's methods so unique is that she empowers and teaches us how to connect to our own inner wisdom so that we can heal ourselves and live the lives that we were born to enjoy!

You are in for a HUGE treat because Petrene just wrote another fantastic book called The Process. The book takes you on a 21-day personal journey guided by Petrene's positive affirmations and multidimensional artwork from the brilliant artist Amazing Tree (AT). Petrene includes her very own exercises and supportive words to help you along your way.

After my own 21-day journey, I was so excited over The Process that I asked Petrene for a magical interview (or should I say, "Inner View").

Lucky for us, she said YES!!

So without further ado, I present to you my magical interview with visionary Petrene Soames:

1.) I've called you an expert metaphysician, a healer, a mentor, a therapist and a multidimensional living expert because I haven't found a word in our language that identifies what you do. Before we talk about The Process, could you explain what you do for a living and shed some light on this often misunderstood and misrepresented field?

Hello Emmy. Well, all of the titles that you used are true because they are all parts of who I am and what I do. A more specific explanation of what I do is that I look at people to see who they are, where they are, what is stopping or blocking them from being happy, from expressing themselves and from getting the things they want. Over the years, I have developed unique sessions and therapies to help people remove, clear and overcome those blocks. As a sensitive, I can see and feel beyond the everyday and the obvious in order to pinpoint what is really going on and to know the easiest and quickest ways to resolve things.

I have come to understand that we need to heal the emotional, mental, and physical self and that this is absolutely possible no matter who you are or where you come from. The therapies that I developed and use include Healing, Rebirthing, Regression, Progression, and Digression. Even if you have heard these therapy names before or feel like you understand them, my techniques are completely unique as they are my own. (For example, I do not use hypnosis because it's just not necessary.) While I understand someone's hesitance because my methods are not mainstreamed yet, what I offer is more than common, ordinary and safe. And since I am a sensitive, I have the ability to follow everything through and get the very best results. Feel free to check my website to read my articles and learn more about my methods.

The misunderstood word, I suppose, is "Psychic."  Sadly, I understand that many people say they are psychic or use the word psychic, when perhaps they are not. So, unfortunately, it's a word that may not be highly respected or even understood. And yet, if more people experienced a bona fide psychic's true worth by receiving genuine help, there would not be such misconceptions. I am a real and genuine psychic. I use ESP and I do not rely on cards or other mediums to connect with an individual. I only need an individual's name, his or her voice, or a photo to link with someone's own unique vibration. Of course, I also teach other people how to connect with and develop their own psychic and healing abilities, too, because it is a lot simpler than people realize.

Above everything, I do my job because I love, love life. It's amazing! And I know that each and everyone of us is also amazing, so I have a huge desire and commitment to help people love their lives, see how amazing they really are and be all they can be.

2.) What prompted you to create The Process?

The Process came about when I was in Taiwan with one of my students whose Chinese name translates into English as Amazing Tree (AT). I was teaching a series of workshops and she was having her first public art show. During this trip, we discussed how, on one level or another, everyone in the world needs help. We identified the need for more retreats for people-- retreats where people can really work on themselves and get outstanding results. We understood that money and time is a big obstacle for most people, but we didn't want this to stop what needed to be done.  So, together, we devised The Process, which blends AT's New Dimensional Art and my words and Positive Thought Cards with journaling for a 21-day period. Now, with little cost and only a few minutes a day, people can get even better results than they could on a retreat.

3.) What is The Process?

The Process is a simple and, yet, a wonderfully magical system presented in a colorful, easy-to-follow guidebook that creates positive changes. The placement and order of AT's paintings and my words, as well as the page colors, the fonts and the use of my Positive Thought Cards, all work together to make up The Process.  The book has been meticulously calculated to create very real positive shifts in those who use it. 

4.) Did you have a particular population, age group or person in mind when creating this book? 

I did not have a specific age group in mind for The Process. It really does work for everyone. If you can read (or have someone read to you) and see the paintings, then it will work for you. It works for individuals who feel lost or stuck (perhaps even for a long time) as well as individuals who feel they don't have any problems. Since I work with children, I made sure that younger people can also use The Process. (Before ten-years-old, I recommend doing The Process with an adult's help). 

Overall, The Process will bring more positive change, goodness and benefits into every individual's life regardless of age, background, lifestyle, etc.

5.) What types of transformations can one expect upon completing The Process?

Transformations will, of course, be varied.  Since its release, we have received a wide variety of amazing feedback from people who have used The Process.

Often, those who need the most help or who are open to change, get the most benefit. Just remember: Anything is possible! I ask that users keep this in mind and be open to being amazed. I have had reports of people receiving money in the mail when they were at their very very lowest point, meeting the love of their lives, going ahead and doing something that they always wanted to do and having it working out great beyond expectation.

We all have something that we want or need such as more self love and awareness, more self confidence, more people treating us in better ways or even just more people hearing us. There are so many possibilities that can and will happen as a direct result from using The Process. I have even heard from people noticing real change and real results in the first few days of starting the system. We can't wait to hear how The Process worked for you and we post responses and results on our website as we receive them. 

6.) Is there a message or a theme in The Process that you want readers to truly grasp?

Yes-- You can change your life no matter how unlikely and impossible it might seem. All you have to do is change your thoughts, get on a different vibration and go with a different kind of flow. The Process was designed to help you with these steps. It truly helps you connect with yourself and as you do this, you enter the magic of transformation. You really can do anything, and indeed anything and everything is possible.

In a section of the book titled "No Excuses," I talk about all of the different ways that you can move forward and use The Process. So even if you find it hard to start or hard to finish The Process, you will always receive benefits. No matter how you utilize The Process, there are always positive outcomes.

7.) Lastly, do you have advice for anyone who may want a brighter and happier life, but who may feel stuck or confused right now?

My advice for people who feel stuck and down is:

  • Try The Process now
  • Visit Emmy Blue often for color, magic and inspiration
  • Stop by my website to read uplifting articles and top ten tips lists
  • Wear color and think in color
  • Get outside when possible
  • Breathe deeply and stretch your body
  • Get more sleep
  • Have something to look forward to
  • Love someone or something in your life
  • Write or doodle because self expression creates movement and movement is key to transformation!

I am also available for personal sessions to give real help, real answers and real perspectives. Help is there, all you have to do is reach out. 

Thank you Emmy Blue I love you, love your work, love the website, thank you for making the world a better brighter and happier place. I look forward to hearing from you and your readers.


If every person reading this blog would practice getting in touch with themselves each and every day, the world would literally be a much brighter and happier place! The Process has the potential to improve your life on multiple levels. So whether you are looking to add some more fun and smiles or if you need to shift into healthier and happier life patterns, please check out Petrene's groundbreaking book and connect with her on Facebook!

Have a bright, happy and magical day! Xoxo

Lots of love,

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P.S. Here is Petrene's contact information should you have questions for her. Xx