Colors for a rainy day

I may live in a tree house nestled in the enchanted forest, but it has been super GRAY and RAINY for a week! The combination of dark and cold can grab ahold of your mood and drag you down quickly. But I have a simple solution to brighten up any day (or week):

Chase away the gloomy grays by adding bright cheerful colors to your day!

It sounds simple and it is simple! The curtains in the enchanted tree house are bright turquoise, sunshine yellow, electric lime, fiery fuschia and tangerine! We decorate with our own bright paintings and a rainbow of handmade pillows and throws. And most importantly, we wear bright colors and eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every single day.

Putting my feet up during a lunch break: 

ACTIVITY: Close your eyes and ask yourself what color you need right now. Then breathe and bathe in that color! Just fully immerse yourself in color! It's an instant mood changer!

Here is a brilliant song by Kira Willey to get you inspired:


So take a quick break, grab a box of crayons and draw a bright picture to reawaken your spirit! Xx

Lots of love and brilliant colors,