Dance dance dance

Good morning, friends! I was going to post this next week, but I decided we could all use some dancing today after reading through my e-mails. Enjoy...

One rainy afternoon whilst storytelling at a faerie birthday party, we shook off the gloomy grays by dancing with rainbows of neon scarves and singing cheerful faerie songs.  Then I asked the parents and caregivers to dance a faerie dance with us.

"I only DUI (dance under the influence)," one man laughed.

Another parent slunk into the kitchen where she hid until the music stopped.

Mothers began busying themselves with tidying up. Fathers claimed they were too tired, but that they enjoyed watching the children having fun.

As one boy tried pulling his mother into the realm of dancing faeries, she said, "I can't dance!"

Why is it difficult for adults to dance in front of other adults? Dancing is just movement. And parents are in constant motion!  Let's take that next step and dance together:

1.) Let go of your fears and other unwanted feelings. Try this quick activity: Creative Playtime.

2.) If you feel uncomfortable dancing then try this activity alone at first. Make sure you have total privacy. Then gradually invite your family to dance with you. Remember that other adults may feel silly and awkward at first too, so lead by example.

3.) Turn on music, step outside to hear nature's music or tune into your inner thoughts.

4.) Take deep breaths and smile even if you are uncomfortable. Anytime you hear a judgmental or critical voice, let it go. You are now free and there is nothing to think about.

5.)  Start by stretching and swaying. Shake off any anxiety you are feeling. Imagine waves of energy flowing throughout your body and mind. Allow the waves to free yourself from feeling stuck and still. 

6.) Now celebrate this freedom to the sound of the music. No one is around, so just let go and move! Allow yourself to be instantly transformed into a dancer.

Feeling creative? How would evil goblins from the deep, dark forest dance to Abba? Or how would you dance if the laws of gravity no longer applied? Can you incorporate colorful scarves and light into your movements?

Feeling bold? Find a safe place where you can be completely alone. Try letting your emotions lead your dance movements. Smile, laugh, cry, scream, but don't hold back. Just let go and let your body express all of your emotions. The movement will help release the emotions being stored in your body. Don't forget to breathe. This exercise gets easier with time.

Need a little inspiration? Just look at how music, movement and dance can transform your entire day:

Experience the magical freedom that dancing and movement offers. And most importantly, smile and laugh through the process. You are loved and you are free! Happy Friday!

Lots of love,