Emmy Blue's Happy World

Welcome, friends!

As you may have noticed, my website is under construction. Everything should be redesigned and in working order by late spring. (Including some new features: bright and happy stories, creative activities and magical videos geared towards children.) But in the meantime, I hope that today's post offers insight into the shift from Emmy Blue Enchantments to Emmy Blue's Happy World. Enjoy...

 We need a BRIGHTER and HAPPIER world. And I full-heartedly believe this is something that each one of us can create together by:

1.) Dismissing negativity 

2.) Spreading positive words, surrounding ourselves with positivity, expressing more of our unique creativity and gifting more smiles to everyone around us-- Yes, to everyone. Every single person. Even people who we may find irritating, people who have hurt us as well as people with different understandings of the world than we may have. 

By taking these actions, we will suppress negative patterns and older ways of thinking and we will cultivate positivity and inspire change. This is the path to a BRIGHTER, HAPPIER and more MAGICAL world!


Here are three things YOU can do using social media to create a happier world:

1.) Before posting, reposting or responding to a news story, an update or a photo on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, ask yourself if the post or response will bring a smile to faces or have a negative impact on others. If it will bring even one person down (or maybe just ruffle some feathers), try posting something bright and happy.


2.) Before complaining about your day or posting criticism about another person or a group of people, ask yourself what positive or happy words, photographs or other creative work you can share with the public. Plenty of bright and happy things flood our days, sometime it's just a matter of opening our eyes. I look forward to finding the bright and happy magic in each hour!



3.) Spread smiles and cultivate positive thoughts by liking, sharing, reposting and retweeting positive stories, updates and photos!

Here are three things your children can do to create a happier world:

1.) Next time you go to the market or run errands, have a smile contest. See how many smiles each child can put on the faces of strangers while in public. Let them be creative with this activity and watch them in action because children are our best teachers.

2.) Next time your children need something to do, ask them to make small happy pictures or crafts that would bright up someone's day. Then help your child surprise a random business (e.g. your bank, a restaurant, your own workplace) by dropping off these pictures or crafts. Tell the business that you appreciate their work and that your child made them presents for their offices and cubicles. Let your child see  and feel the happiness their gifts bring to others. Their creative work holds an unlimited amount of positive power.

Washington County Fun

3.) Ask your child to imagine a happy world and take the time to explore this world creatively. Let them describe the world, draw it, make a giant collage of it, explore it through creative play or you could even put on a talent show from that silly world as a family. Then identify the elements that makes their world so happy and post these happy elements somewhere that is visible every day. Come up with ideas on how to pull these elements into your family's day-to-day life. (Even if your child has come up with fictional characters who eat cotton candy clouds, be imaginative and find ways to incorporate this.)

I believe you and your children will brighten many days and lift spirits with these  SIMPLE ideas.


We are confronted with oodles of negativity on a daily basis. It is time to step over and plow through this negativity in order to lay the positive framework for a happy world.  Don't worry, by doing this we are not ignoring the "harsh realities" of the world, we are CHANGING IT ONE POSITIVE THOUGHT AT A TIME. Our thoughts create our futures, after all!

So if you want a place where people are positive...

A place where we lighten up and laugh...

A place where we express and play with our creativity easily and freely...

A place where children and inner-children from the ages of 0 to 120 years old are safe and loved...

...then join me and many other positive people here at EMMY BLUE's HAPPY WORLD! Join us on Facebook and invite your friends into this fresh new way of life!

Let's use our unique talents and voices to spread positive thoughts and no longer feed the existing negativity.

Let's be happy activists together! 

Let's create a BRIGHT and HAPPY world! Lots of love to you today!

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