Hush's magic time

Greetings from the enchanted forest! I hope you made many magical Wednesday wishes today! (Now start believing that they will come true!)

It sure is busy here at the enchanted tree house! In the wee hours of morning, I write and rehearse brand new enchanting stories for my springtime storytelling programs. Then I head off to tell tales to classes of brilliant smiling faces. By the time I get home, I am much too tired for the internet or other social activities. So I have been relishing in magic time (aka alone time).

Magic time is essential for your ideas to bloom and for your creativity to flow. Do you squeeze enough alone time into your calendar every week?

This week, try breaking away from other people and enjoy some quiet time with yourself. This doesn't mean you're avoiding friends and family or that you're morphing into a secluded forest hermit. It just means you're taking time to recharge your own batteries and to tune into yourself.

Right now the world needs us to be our very best brilliant selves, so this self-care exercise is essential! Find a quiet nook and try some of these magic time activities:

  1. Snuggle up with a blanket and read a "feel-good" book
  2. Write a "feel-good" book or story
  3. Journal & doodle- both give us insight into who we are, what we need and where we're going
  4. Take a walk in nature
  5. Play an instrument or get lost in your favorite musical world
  6. Create art- don't organize a craft project, let go and let your artwork take shape on it's own

My sparkling magic time masterpieces for the enchanted garden:

Make a point to find alone time each day this week and spend some alone time with nature this weekend. You will be amazed at how inspired, refreshed and creative you will feel!

Showering you with love, magic and wonderful Wednesday wishes!!