We are now more than two months into 2012! Yippee!

While some of us feel like celebrating the extraordinary changes that this year has brought, I am saddened to hear that many of my clients, friends and blog readers are experiencing extremely difficult life situations right now. It is critical that we are gentle to ourselves when hardships arise. Negative feelings and thoughts block your creativity and your brilliance. With this in mind, I am sending an extra loving reminder to everyone that we need to keep our magical spirits up!

Here are five ideas for those experiencing struggles and for those experiencing the world’s wonderful gifts:

1.) After you say your positive morning affirmations, then dress in colorful clothing and eat a bright rainbow of fresh healthy food!

Wild rice, beans, veggies

2.) Stay creative! Set aside at least 30-minutes a day for creative play. When people tell me they don’t have time for creative expression, I recommend that they squeeze in creative work before their busy days begin. Just wake up 30-minutes earlier and start your day with some magic! Doodle, dance, paint, write, sculpt, color, sing, improvise a story!

3.) Play! In addition to expressing yourself, you also need to play and laugh. Check out my super talented librarian friend, Lynda Shoup’s posts about an improvised nature game called, Change of Pace and a whimsical fairy house activity. Or play this simple storytelling game, which will induce giggles.

4.) Spend your free time outdoors! Soak up the morning or late afternoon sun so you can shine. Climb a tree so you can see the world from a different perspective. Listen to a trickling brook because it whispers magical messages. Trickling water also keeps your thoughts, creativity and energy flowing. Breathe in fresh air for an instant energy boost. Or go for a brisk walk in nature.

Remember, even when lost in the deep dark forest, light can always be found!

5.) Surround yourself with loving, supportive and creative beings. One of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho wrote, “Join with those who sing songs, tell stories, enjoy life…because happiness is contagious.” If you are in the Portland area, come out to one of my storytelling programs and introduce yourself. My stories are jam-packed with magic to warm your heart, to sparkle your smile and to inspire your spirit!

If you do these five tasks every single day, your spirits will rise and your creativity will reawaken. This world can be magical and wondrous as well as painful and difficult, but through it all, we are never alone. If you don’t feel like shining at the moment, the Emmy Blue community will shine upon you! Feel free to “friend me” on Facebook or Twitter for a daily boost of happy magic, or come to the Emmy Blue page and join our conversations! Xx

Lots of love,

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9 Responses to Magical ideas during hardships

  1. Roberta Gordon says:

    You’re really a brilliant angel, aren’t you? I needed to read this today, I haven’t written on my novel in over a month since my mother got sick. Thank you for your inspiration.

    I’m not in the Portland area, but I’d still like to read your stories. Can I buy them anywhere?

    Thank you, Emmy Blue.

  2. Nicole says:

    It has been nothing but cold rain for daaaays…thanks for this warm reminder. I might have to get up early and paint tomorrow. Like Roberta, I’d love to read your stories too. Or do you have any videos of your enchanted storytelling programs to upload?

  3. Brian says:

    I feel like I just got an enchanting hug from Emmy Blue. Thank you for sharing such insightful and innocent magic. Wish I was in Portland to hear your stories.

  4. Viv says:

    I love you Emmy Blue! You are so unique and talented!

  5. Jan S. says:

    The first time I heard you say, “Even when lost in the deep dark forest, light can always be found,” was during a Squatchie story. I got chills and teary-eyed then and I have chills and teary-eyes now.

    You are such a sweet earth angel, Emmy Blue! God bless your compassion for earth, humans, and “fur beasts.”

  6. Emmy, your post brought a smile to my face tonight. Thanks so much for that :) I’m going to try and start implementing those things in my life as well. Definitely need some more positivity in my life!

  7. Georgia Peachy says:

    I didn’t know reading such an honest, sweet blog would send me into gut-wrenching sobs. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU x INFINITY!

    Whoever is out there, listen to my prayer: Please make Emmy Blue a household name so her magic spreads fast and furiously!

  8. Douglas Brown says:

    I didn’t know the blue words were links until I accidently bumped one. Even more insights from Emmy Blue. Thanks.

  9. I hope staying up 30 minutes (or sometimes many, many hours) later is as good as getting up 30 minutes early. It’s the way I function.

    These are beautiful ideas, Emmy.

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