Magical tales by Emmy Blue
Magical tales by Emmy Blue

Emmy Blue’s lively storytelling programs run 45- minutes and include 15-minutes for questions and a meet-n-greet. Most programs include interactive stories, puppets, music and magical scarves. Children in attendance will receive their own sparkling magical stones from the enchanted forest, a colorful postcard featuring The Squatchie © and an Emmy Blue bookmark.  All programs can be tailored for audiences of children, families or adults.

Click here to sample one of Emmy Blue's tales or check out photos posted on the Emmy Blue Enchantments' Facebook page.

Tales from the PNW Forests  This lively program includes a selection of Emmy Blue’s very own bright and happy fairy tales, folktales and legends about the magical creatures who live deep in the enchanted forests of the Pacific Northwest. This program also includes Emmy Blue’s original Squatchie Legends © and contains seasonal themes when appropriate.

Magical Folk and Fairy Tales  This interactive program includes updated and reinterpreted folk and/or fairy tales from around the world. Tales may be adjusted to your program’s theme (e.g. world folk tale programs, enchanted princess parties, etc.).

Sweet Dreams and Magic  Wear your jammies and bring your favorite snuggling blankets because Emmy Blue’s magical bedtime tales will transport you and your children to a twinkly dreamland filled with giggles and enchantments. Dressed in her own enchanted pajamas, Emmy performs original warm and fuzzy stories, which are guaranteed to bring about the sweetest of dreams.

Special Event, Holiday and Birthday Programs  The bright, happy and magical tales for these  programs are carefully selected or written to fit your event’s brilliant theme. Events can be as large as festivals and family reunions or as small as campfires and dinner parties.