Emmy's Enchanted Forest Programs

Emmy Blue’s lively storytelling programs run around one hour, which includes a meet-n-greet session with the Squatchie ©.  All children in attendance will receive their own sparkling magical stones from the enchanted forest and a colorful postcard featuring The Squatchie ©.  Programs can be tailored for audiences of children, families or adults. 

Click here to sample one of Emmy Blue's tales or check out photos posted on Emmy Blue's Facebook page.

Program Offerings: 

Tales from the PNW Forests  This lively program includes a selection of Emmy Blue’s very own bright and happy tales and legends about the magical creatures who live deep in the enchanted forests of the Pacific Northwest. This program includes Emmy Blue’s original Squatchie Legends © and contains seasonal themes when appropriate. The tales for each program are carefully selected and customized to fit each event's theme, so every performance is unique.