After spending another night struggling to get the “Children’s Activities” page up and running, I decided that, for now, I will post activities and stories on this blog. When was the last time that you allowed yourself to play without inhibition, anyway? Adults and young adults need creative play just as much as children do! So, the following exercise was written with both children and adults in mind…

Everyone feels anger, sorrow and pain from time-to-time. When I came up with this exercise, I had a light touch of the blues and the grumpies. Instead of ignoring my feelings, I mustered up all of my grump and created an extra grumpy character. I only gave myself 30-minutes to draw my new friend, the Grumpalumpagus, and then I wrote a short story about him.

By projecting all of my negative feelings onto the paper, my case of the grumpies magically disappeared.

You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to do this exercise. You don’t even need art supplies! (I created the Grumpalumpagus picture using only the pencils, the pens and the random highlighters found in my desk.)

The purpose of this exercise is not to produce a brilliant final product. The purpose is to transfer your feelings onto paper until they are released. If it helps you let go of your adult inhibitions, then take away the anxiety of the project’s outcome by ripping your picture to bits and throwing it away upon completion! (A metaphor, perhaps?)

What kind of “feelings character” can you imagine and how will she or he magically help you lighten your mood?


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14 Responses to The Grumpalumpagus magically brightened my day

  1. Jenny M. says:

    Ha ha, never thought about doing something like this. Interesting… Love your stories, btw. Hope to catch you again real soon. HAve you thought about publishing them before?

  2. jane williamson says:

    Aww, I love the grumpalumpaghus! You are too cute Emmy Blue!

  3. Diane says:

    I’m going to make my kids do this when they are MAD. Great way to teach them ways to handle feelings. Where do we find your stories?

    • emmy says:

      For now, you can catch my stories during my storytelling programs, but this will change soon! Until they are published, I will post bits and bobs of stories on this website, so stay tuned! Many thanks for your kind words! Xx

  4. Liz says:

    I think I will try this approach the next time i get a case of the grumpies!!!

  5. Lynda Shoup says:

    Sorry, but your Grumpalumpagus made me laugh. Out loud. Thanks for the laugh today and the idea for a day that I need it.

    • emmy says:

      Hehe! You know, Lynda, as soon as I read your comment, I laughed uncontrollably too. You are SO RIGHT! Perhaps the Grumpalumpagus needs a new name, but the “I’m too happy to ever actually be grumpy critter” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Xx

  6. Andrew says:

    That is one FURRY grumpalumpagus!

  7. Corriane Y. says:

    First time to blog! Much needed, much appreciated! Will return often & spread the word!

  8. Tera says:

    I might have to do something like that this weekend. Hope the last days in the forest are good and not too sad!

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