Welcome to Emmy Blue's Happy World!

(WARNING: Spending time on this site may leave you feeling bright, happy and magical!) 

As a children's storyteller in the Portland metropolitan area, Emmy Blue writes and performs her own tales about all of the magical creatures living in the enchanted forest.  She is the creator of the beloved Pacific Northwest Squatchie and the nationally acclaimed Squatchie legends.

Her magical stories will finally be available for purchase in TWO fully illustrated storybooks due out in early Spring 2015. Take a sneaky peek...

Who is the Squatchie? is the rainbowtastically illustrated version of the Squatchie's magical rhyme often told by Emmy Blue in her programs. This book is in board book format in order to withstand kabillions of readings adults and children will enjoy together.

The Snoozlers and the Wahooligans is Emmy Blue's most sought after tale about how a group of quiet and snuggly creatures befriend a pack of wild and crazy tricksters! Packed with giggles and sprinkled with a bit of the Squatchie's magic, this storybook will quickly become a family favorite.

Stay tuned and visit often for updated information about performances and publications!